DECRO's Innovative
Approach to Construction

Addressing today’s critical need for affordable housing requires building projects quickly and efficiently.  A careful analysis must be made on whether to apply conventional stick-built construction or be innovative in using modular construction. DECRO is one of the few nonprofit developers who has firsthand experience with both forms of construction and has learned valuable lessons from this experience.

Conventional or “Stick Built” Construction

“Stick built” is a well-established, known construction technique. “Stick built” lends itself to creative design and is well-suited for projects with larger housing units. “Stick built,” however, is generally more expensive on a per-unit basis and requires longer lead times for project completion.

Modular Construction

DECRO is driven by our social equity and sustainable production goals while supporting efforts to build a climate-resilient economy in the communities we serve. That is why we support modular construction which is demonstrating that for the right project, affordable housing can be built faster, cheaper, safer, and more sustainable. Modular, however, requires close collaboration between the architect, contractor, and modular manufacturer. Standardization of design and units are key.

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