What We Do

Transforming Lives and Communities

DECRO develops, constructs, and maintains affordable housing, mixed-use developments, and service-enriched communities for low and very low-income, at-risk, and special needs individuals, families, and seniors. We pursue businesses and capital to revitalize disadvantaged neighborhoods, stimulate economic opportunity and promote job growth.

DECRO partners with national social enterprises, local nonprofit community development corporations, for-profit developers, public agencies, private financial institutions, tax credit investors, social service providers, and other stakeholders to create secure and enriching environments that promote individual growth and family stability, and encourage residents to participate economically, educationally and spiritually in their community.

Planning & Development

DECRO has the talent, resources, and relationships required to successfully plan and execute on the development of a project whether its affordable housing, permanent supportive housing, or both as well as mixed-use. DECRO staff is experienced in navigating the administrative, financial, and legal paths required to bring a project to fruition. 


Addressing today’s critical need for affordable and permanent supportive housing means getting projects built quickly and efficiently. Achieving this goal requires balancing and evaluating traditional construction techniques versus innovative ones like modular construction. From years of experience involving the use of both construction methods and applying hard-earned and difficult lessons learned from them, DECRO is the rare nonprofit housing developer who has the know-how and tools to analyze which method is best-suited for a project. DECRO also has the capacity to create the team who is best-qualified to design, build, and manage the construction of projects.

Property Management

DECRO holds its third-party property managers strictly accountable for meeting the highest industry standards. Residents are first and foremost the priority. Property managers must be genuinely committed to serving the interests of residents and fostering and supporting a genuine sense of community among them. For permanent supportive housing projects, property managers need to work collaboratively with onsite social service providers and their case managers to ensure residents have access to essential social services. Managers are also expected to maintain and protect the physical integrity of a building as well as ensure that projects comply with health and safety standards and residents are kept safe and secure.

Resident Services

Access to social services is essential to promoting the well-being of residents. DECRO partners with well-respected and well-experienced social service providers, including The People Concern, Downtown Women’s Center, St. Joseph Center, and VIP Community Mental Health Center, to ensure residents can draw on the support of case managers to assess the mental and physical health issues they may be experiencing. Once those assessments are made, residents and their case managers can identify and access the resources that will help an individual address any issues and find a path to a more fulfilling, rewarding, and healthier life.