Resident Testimonials


“We are lucky to be living in a place with better school opportunities for my son. The safe and tranquil environment allows him to focus on his studies. Our apartment is well-located to a few markets and neighborhood parks. We now have a lot more space for the three of us and good relationships with our neighbors.”

Leonardo Carrillo
Saticoy Street Apartments

(L-R) Carmen Quinche, Leonardo Carrillo, David Carrillo
(L-R) Carmen Quinche, Leonardo Carrillo, David Carrillo

“I’m so lucky that I got this apartment as it is less expensive than what I was paying. I like the neighborhood and the close proximity to transportation. I have my own private room and I’m very happy here.”

Sung S. Kim
Durae Senior Apartments

“My quality of life is much better here than when I was living at The Salvation Army Haven. I now have my own space, my own place and more privacy for individual expression.”

Marcela Varnado
Saticoy Street Apartments