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Opening Doors & Creating Opportunities to Begin a New Path

DECRO is fulfilling its commitment to help lessen the severe shortage of permanent supportive housing by creating several hundred such units.  Developing housing for those who were formerly unhoused by itself, however, is not enough to ensure that people will remain housed over the long-term.  Collaboration with qualified, experienced social service providers is key to achieving this goal. 

DECRO is proud of the relationships that it has developed with, among others, The People Concern, St. Joseph Center, VIP Community Mental Health Center, Downtown Women’s Center, and Korean Resource Center.  The staff and other resources that these social service providers offer to residents of DECRO’s projects enables these residents to take full advantage of the doors that have been opened to them and allows residents to grow and become contributing members to our communities.

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“I was about to give up and say I'm going to die on the streets and never have a permanent spot. Then things turned around for me. Where I'm from, this is like heaven.”

Charles Andrews
Firmin Court

“I feel like I have an identity now. I feel like these people really cared. It really helped me when I needed it the most.”

Prince Page
Firmin Court

“We are lucky to be living in a place with better school opportunities for my son. The safe and tranquil environment allows him to focus on his studies. Our apartment is well-located to a few markets and neighborhood parks. We now have a lot more space for the three of us and good relationships with our neighbors.”

Leonardo Carrillo
Saticoy Street Apartments

“I’m so lucky that I got this apartment as it is less expensive than what I was paying. I like the neighborhood and the close proximity to transportation. I have my own private room and I’m very happy here.”

Sung S. Kim
Durae Senior Apartments

“My quality of life is much better here than when I was living at The Salvation Army Haven. I now have my own space, my own place and more privacy for individual expression.”

Marcela Varnado
Saticoy Street Aparments