Decro Defined


DECRO is an acronym based on the former December Rose Association, a nonprofit organization formed by Decro’s Co-Founder, the late Reverend Clark Harshfield and his wife, Verna. December Rose focused on supporting the creative skills of seniors living at Angelus Plaza, currently the largest subsidized community for low-income seniors in the United States.

GOD GAVE His children memory
That in life’s garden there might be
June roses in December.

– Quoted from Geoffrey Anketell Studdert-Kennedy’s poem, Roses in December

The Decro Group is the collective name given to Decro Corporation and its affiliated or related entities:

  • Decro Alpha Corporation
  • Decro Beta Corporation
  • Decro Chi Corporation
  • Decro Delta Corporation
  • Decro Epsilon Corporation
  • Decro Kappa Corporation
  • Decro Management Corporation